Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Just in: Landscape Paintings by Ron Parker


Born December 4th, 1942 in British Columbia where he still lives today, Ron Parker has been recognized as one of the top wildlife and landscape artists in North America. His original acrylic-gouache and oil paintings are avidly sought after, and limited edition prints of his work sell out rapidly.

Mr. Parker began painting seriously in 1977 after attending an exhibition of the work of Fenswick Landsdowne in his native British Columbia. Parker started painting birds in watercolours and by 1981 had graduated to full-background paintings.

“My objectives for paintings vary, but, most often, the objective is to depict the animal or bird in a natural and usually typical environment or situation. My ideas or concepts usually come from something I have seen while doing field work or from an abstract composition. In most paintings, I try to covey a mood or feeling that will evoke an emotional response in the viewer."

Mr. Parker and his family live on 160 acres near the Rocky Mountains in Southwest British Columbia where they enjoy daily sightings of Coyotes, Deer, Black Bear, Elk and many species of both Songbirds and Raptors. This part of the country has provided the inspiration for a large portion of his paintings over the years and will continue to do so.

More works by Ron Parker


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