Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The Alberta Landscape - Paintings by Regina Seib
Regina was born in a small village in East Germany, immigrating to Canada at age seven with her mother and grandmother.  Her new life in Canada began in a Saskatchewan farming community.  She explored her rural surroundings with a keen curiosity and wonder.  Gradually, she explored the diversity of rugged landscapes of the western Canadian provinces.

Drawing became a language for her in childhood.  From early drawings of her surroundings, Regina's talent began to emerge.  Through Drawing and painting she continues to explore art techniques with ardent passion.  Throughout university and her early career, Regina took every opportunity to broaden her skill and knowledge.  University classes in still life and human form, perceiving nature and movement, and new mediums and approaches inspired her.  Today she continues to learn from world class artists.
Regina is energized and pushes the boundaries of her multifaceted ability in her approach and portrayal of diverse subject matter.  She has chosen to develop this diversity and embrace it as a unique gift and asset.   Regina paints with remarkable energy, allowing the mood or subject to dictate her style.  She feels each work deserves that kind of commitment, liberty and integrity.  With this unique gift of diversity she will surprise you!  The vibrancy of her colours and bold brushwork, evident in her work, is indicative of the freedom she has in expressing herself.

Regina is pleased to have her works in private and corporate collections in Canada and Abroad.
Come visit, be inspired!

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