Tuesday, 14 June 2016

The Latest: Graeme Shaw & Jacinthe Dugal-Lacroix

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Forest Stream - Graeme Shaw
Oil on canvas, 36" x 36"
Graeme Shaw is a Canadian artist whose works have appeared in fine art galleries from 1971 to present. He has had over 100 solo shows in a variety of galleries over the years and his work is now held in numerous public, corporate, and private collections internationally. The government of NWT has employed him extensively to chronicle the north and the legislators of that region. Shaw's work is on permanent display in the Legislative Assembly in Yellowknife - a region he lived in and visits frequently. He has produced a large body of work from the Canadian western arctic which has found its way into collections around the world.


 As a child, Graeme Shaw was trained by numerous artists. Though his artistic influences over the years have been many, he gives credit to Robert Genn for being a friend and a mentor from his earliest days as a professional artist. After working as an illustrator for the Federal government and teaching school in the arctic, Shaw has been a full time fine artist for over thirty years. His work explores a variety of mediums and subject matter, from arctic landscapes to the Rockies and west coast.
Graeme presently lives with his wife in Nanaimo, British Columbia.

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Jacinthe Dugal-Lacroix
From an early age Jacinthe Dugal-Lacroix was interested in painting and drawing. Later in life she discovered sculpting;  the clay awakened a possibility of unlimited expression and freedom for the artist.
Today, Jacinthe is a full-time sculptor.  Her inspiration is generated by the human body and the exploration of movement. Dugal-Lacroix uses bronze sculptures to evoke a rich spectrum of emotions, inviting the viewer into a kind of meditation and feeling of peace.

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