Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Inspiration: The Alberta Landscape

We hope everyone in Calgary has been enjoying this glorious weather! Here are just a few of our favourite landscape pieces to inspire you this week.

 Fraser Hine
Fraser Hine grew up in small towns in Saskatchewan and now resides in Calgary, Alberta. Hine draws inspiration for his artistic works from everyday scenery and nature; back alleys, street scenes, and stunning rural landscapes depicting the mountains of the west are all subjects which the artist captures with a unique sense of familiarity and emotion.

Although Hine’s works represent the artist's own interpretation of a time and place -- a snapshot of a fleeting moment -- his paintings remain open to the viewer to discover his or her own interpretation.



Sheila Adams
In 1956, Scottish-born Sheila Adams came to Canada and made Calgary her home. The rugged beauty of Western Canada with its Rocky Mountains, Foothills and Alberta plains provide ideal subject matter for her work in oil and acrylic. Adams’ techniques and years of experience create fluid compositions that burst with the colour and energy of Alberta’s nature.

Influenced by artists such as Norman Brown and Jean Geddes, Sheila is constantly increasing her body of knowledge and technical expertise. Passionate about continuous growth as an artist, Sheila aims to breathes life into each of her new works. Adams is also a member of the Calgary Sketch Club and The Federation of Canadian Artists. In March 1996 she was awarded signature status with the Federation.



http://www.webstergalleries.com/title.php?page=3&data=search_array&ititlenum=19328Jamie MacDonald
Jamie MacDonald is a graduate of Queen’s University, B.A. (Hons.) and B.Ed., and a resident of Calgary, Alberta. He paints landscapes and illustrations, but also enjoys the occasional portrait. His goal is to reveal the unique story of each place or person, and to tell that story as best he can. Sargent, Klimt, and N.C. Wyeth can be counted among his influences. He has been a participant in a number of group and solo shows in Ontario, the Maritimes, and Alberta. Jamie finds time to paint while acting as a fencing coach, pursuing guitar and writing, and working full time as a teacher of art and history.

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