Saturday, 23 July 2016

An Update on Some of the Charitable Organizations We Support

The Further Education Society recently held a fundraising event at Webster Galleries in order to raise money to help reach their goal of $35,000. The organization is now one step closer to positively impacting 400 vulnerable families through their free Calgary programs!

For more information visit: 


The Brenda Strafford Centre held their 20th Anniversary Events on March 9th, 2016. The organization helps women and children leave domestic violence and start new lives. Visit their website for more information on their successful event and to learn more about what they do!


The Four Worlds Center for Development Learning is the Canadian partner of Himat, a project that aims to establish prototype training and a support centre that works with indigenous institutions, leaders, and communities to build capacity for sustainable human well being and prosperity. The pilot efforts are currently working in high Himalayan communities of northern Pakistan. The organization currently has a large "Spirit Rising" sculpture on display for sale at Webster Galleries, in the hopes of raising funds to help the Himat project!

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