Tuesday, 26 April 2016

New Paintings by Sheila Adams, Ken Kirkby, and Alice Saltiel-Marshall

In 1956, Scottish-born Sheila Adams came to Canada and made Calgary her home. The rugged beauty of Western Canada with its Rocky Mountains, Foothills and Alberta plains provide ideal subject matter for her work in oil and acrylic. Adams’ techniques and years of experience create fluid compositions that burst with the colour and energy of Alberta’s nature.

Always open to new concepts, Adams has explored various aspects of painting; experimenting with colour and design. Influenced by artists such as Norman Brown and Jean Geddes, Sheila is constantly increasing her body of knowledge and technical expertise. She is passionate about continuous growth as an artist and aims to breathes life into each of her new works. Adams is also a member of the Calgary Sketch Club and The Federation of Canadian Artists. In March 1996 she was awarded signature status with the Federation. 

The Serene Canadian Landscape: Oil Paintings by Ken Kirkby

 Alice Saltiel-Marshall was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1948. She studied at The Art Centre of Central Technical School, Toronto, from 1962-66. After graduation Saltiel worked as a commercial artist, designing and hand cutting silk screens for souvenir items. Later, she adapted these skills to create hand made serigraphs. Saltiel and her husband Bill Marshall moved to Banff, Alberta in 1972, which marked the beginning of her full time painting career. Saltiel Originals, the family business of publishing and distributing reproductions of her art, was established in 1973. Working in a home studio has promoted the discipline of independent work and was conducive to caring for daughters, Denise, born in 1975, and Laura, born in 1978.
The subjects of Saltiel's paintings have followed her diverse interests including figures, flowers, still life, wildlife, western (cowboy) life, the prairies and the badlands. Her paintings of mountain landscapes reflect her love of the back country and high and wild places. At home in Canmore, Saltiel is ensured daily access to the mountains. Working primarily in oils and watercolours and with emphasis on geographical accuracy, she continues to define her impressions. Her powerful compositions, created with an incredible sense of light, produce enthralling paintings.
Recent years have enabled Alice and Bill to resume international travel which inspires fresh and exciting images.

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